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  My name is Heather Sproule. I live in a very small little town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, sharing my home and heart with my family of 5. I am a FOLLOWER of my LORD Jesus Christ and seek Him daily. My husband is a wonderful hardworking man that is the sole provider for our family. He is a wonderful father and loving husband (I kinda like him if you couldn't tell). We have 3 children that run around causing chaos and a lot of laughter. 1 adorable girl who will keep your on your toes at all times (6 going on 16), our oldest son is 5 and the kindest person I have ever known by far (his heart and love shows me new ways to be kind everyday) ya know right before he punches his brother because after all he is still a boy, and the baby our youngest son is pushing 3......he is funny, oh is he funny, and he is also challenging, but mostly cute and funny!
  Along with the people in our family we share our lives on a 14 acre, SLOWLY trying to be a homestead of sorts, plot of land with a few chickens (more like 26 and a turkey), 2 dogs, and 2 cats. 
  Before becoming a wife and mother I really did nothing spectacular like many others. I met my husband in my first semester of college  and then frankly dropped out and came home. I have worked at a few different jobs before becoming a stay at home mother after the birth of our second child. I went on to continue my education online and obtain my Associates Degree, which may not seem like much but for me with two very young children it was a grand accomplishment!
  I enjoy my Bible, my family, my friends (that I never see but still love), cooking (more eating than cooking, but cooking is fun also), Pinterest, crafts, being super cheap in everything I do, my chickens, and just being alive in general.

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