Friday, September 19, 2014

Heart Warming Morning

          I had a morning like one I do not believe I have had since my daughter started Pre-K 2 years ago. We are always so busy in the morning and the kids are always distracted. I have made it a point this year to pack lunch the night before and lay out clothes/shoes, everything to streamline mornings. It has been going much better than last year. Still though it is hectic and maddening. EAT YOUR breakfast is an everyday phrase (no matter what I make, really how do you get them to eat breakfast, anyone???).

          This morning was different though....they got up without a struggle?! Got dressed by themselves. All 3 of them put their laundry in their baskets. Then without warning my boys, together, carried out their laundry  basket. It was heart warming to watch my eldest son showing his baby brother how to throw the clothes into the washer. It was such a simple thing that melted my heart. "Now you take a handful of clothes and throw 'em in", he explained. I just stood their watching them and wondering now what made them decide to do this for Mommy? Directly after that thought I decided not even to ask, just to bask in the glory that motherhood can be. Even if it is few and far between these moments really make everything worth it.

(I swear that is his "cheese" face; not his cry face)

          This may sound strange to you, most heart warming moments are Mommy I love you's (and those are still my favorite, there is something about arms wrapped around your neck with a head nuzzled into your ear that makes your heart sing), but this act of service and independence just really moved me. I felt very proud of my boys watching them work together on something so simple. I believe it was more that they did it without me asking than anything, either way raising children is hard, but soaking up these moments is easy. Liking everything about motherhood is next to impossible (at least for me) and even taking a moment to sit and watch them is something I have to remind myself to do (a bit of a busy body), but this morning was a morning unlike any other. It was a morning where I thought, huh maybe we are on the right track here......maybe
          Thank you for laundry day (which wasn't going to be this morning but surely is now thanks to my helpful little boys). I hope you take time to enjoy your children, nothing like it in the world!

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