Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little Pumpkins

          It is that time of year! My FAVORITE time of year! FALL!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh pumpkin fun! I am just a smidge excited for this time of year. The smell of the outdoors at this time of year alone just makes me giddy. So much fun gets to be had in the fall and the snuggling weather is upon us. I am lucky to live in a state where the leaves are so colorful that they attract people from all over to come and enjoy their beauty.
         In the spirit of getting ready for fall, my kiddos and I decided to make a footprint wall canvas. And this is how we did it.......
          We just started with a canvas from a craft store (mine is a 20 x 16). Paint the background in a color that will compliment your pumpkin prints and also the wall you will be hanging it on to display.

            Ready your supplies after the background had COMPLETELY dried (I am terrible at                           watching paint patience but I'm slowly working on that..haha).

               Paint your kiddos feet orange (or another color you find represents pumpkins), and                                     help them carefully place them on the painted canvas.

                                                      More waiting for paint to dry.......

                        Now lightly trace the saying you would like and trace around your children's footprints to make pumpkin shapes out of them. (My kids had so much fun doing this little project and wow have their feet grown since our last one!) 

End your project by making  little polka-dots all around the canvas. ( I decided to do this after I was done because it just looked like it needed something more and it turned out so cute!!) 

           This was such a fun, easy, and fairly cheap project to create with the kids. Bonus I get to use it every year and think back on those tiny feet as they grow even larger in the years to come. A sweet keepsake with my favorite people to celebrate my favorite time of year. Doesn't. Get. Any. Better!!

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